This page showcases a selection of my non-game-related programming projects. You can also check out some of the games I've built, view my experience on LinkedIn, or browse my projects on Github.

Provides status updates / microblogs like Facebook's news feed or Twitter's stream. I was one of the first people to write an open-source status update system like this. I later integrated it into Acquia Commons social business software. This project and its predecessor have been downloaded over 75,000 times.
Statuses screenshot
A procedural terrain generation engine for use with the Three.js 3D graphics library for the web.
THREE.Terrain screenshot
GitHub Tools
Enter your GitHub username and see how you're connected to other GitHub users and how many lines of code you've written.
GitHub Tools screenshot
Chrome BigConsole
A tool for web developers who use the Chrome browser that provides a multi-line console like Firebug has.
Chrome BigConsole screenshot
A network simulation of competing viral strains.
ViralSpread screenshot
Canvas Sprite Animations
A powerful, easy-to-use Sprite animation library designed for HTML5 Canvas.