Isaac has been building games since 2001. Below are some sample projects. Isaac also wrote a book about developing 3D games on the web.

Community Bonus Pack

Isaac is the co-leader of CBP3, an award-winning international group of game developers. (Unfortunately the website is now offline.) CBP3 banner

HTML5 Canvas Game Boilerplate

This project provides a template to quickly get started building interactive 2D games on the web. It comes with a number of example projects.


A Mario-style game. Platformer screenshot


A Command & Conquer-style game. RTS screenshot


A First Person Shooter tournament-style game created entirely in the browser using HTML5 Canvas/WebGL with no plugins in under 24 hours for AngelHack Silicon Valley 2012. Nemesis screenshot

Lode Runner

Collect all the gold and then reach the exit without being eaten! Lode Runner screenshot


Destroy the Daleks by making them run into each other, forming piles. Daleks screenshot