Isaac Sukin

Software engineer and product leader since 2007. Fan of computer graphics, facts, and cookies.

Engineering & product leader

Instrumental illustration
I am currently Director of Engineering for Web Products and Head of Security at Instrumental. Previously I led developer products as a product manager at Acquia, among other roles.


Book cover: Game Development with Three.js
I wrote Game Development with Three.js, a book about building 3D games that anyone can play in a web browser.


Mysterious blimp over ice
Published 4 short stories and 3 poems in 5 literary magazines. You can read samples.

Open-source programmer

Screenshot of code
Open-source software I've written has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. A fun example is my random terrain generator.


Dorm Room Fund logo
I was the first founding partner of Dorm Room Fund, a venture capital fund that invests in student-run startups.

Community Bonus Pack co-leader

In-game Community Bonus Pack screenshot
The CBP3 team developed content for Unreal Engine games. We won 49 international awards and had over 250,000 downloads. I assembled the team of 30+ people from 11 countries.